Sunday, August 26, 2012

Classy Housekeeping - bad pun intended

I have been so unbelievably busy this month!

I had every intention of getting my newsletter out at the BEGINNING of August (that's when I had half of it done, at least) and I finally sent it out today.  
It's a lot of work putting together a newsletter -- just dealing with the formatting alone can drive me crazy and eat hours away of my time.
I wanted to go with a fresh and cleaner look; something I'm planning to introduce across all my sites.

In order for me to be 'ready' to publish the newsletter I needed to update my database.  I have been accumulating dozens of emails since mid-July and I did not enter one of them until today.  So, if you are one of the people whom I told you would get my newsletter at the beginning of every month - I did not lie and you did not miss an issue.

My efforts were definitely rewarded because I then realized that since July 15th I have taught 38 new students! Many of them are repeat offenders... I mean they have taken more than one class with me :) 

It's packed with great events happening through the end of September at Michaels. I have the latest coupons and news about some new products and FREE with purchase goodies at Michaels starting September 2nd.  I started a monthly contest where you can win a $5 card, too.
(HINT -- the answer is somewhere in my Decorables blog)

If you are expecting the newsletter and didn't get it, it's because I do not have your email address.

However, if you click HERE, you can read the WHOLE thing on-line :)

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