Saturday, July 7, 2012

How to: Decorate a glass block

Christmas in July: Decorated Glass Block

This is SO much fun and very easy to do:
  • glass block (mine has a small opening in the top and the sides have 2 grooves, but you can adapt this to any glass container.)
  • Beacon Glitter It glue
  • Martha Stewart Fine Crystal glitter
  • Martha Stewart home decor stencils
  • Martha Stewart Satin finish red paint (dries quickly and is top-rack dishwasher-safe)
  • stencil brush
  • ribbon of your choice
  • double-sided tacky tape
  • optional floral embellishments
Cover your work surface with plastic or a craft mat
Keep paper towels handy
  1. Wash your container with vinegar and hot water and make sure it is completely dry
  2. Pour some glue into the container and swish is around, up and down the sides, and the top inside of the container and once you have covered everything, pour out the excess, if you can, back into the bottle.
  3. Dump some glitter inside your container and swish the glitter all around until every inside surface is covered with the glitter.  Pour excess onto a paper and transfer back into the glitter bottle.
  4. Choose the stencil(s) you want to use and place it on the glass: it will self-cling! 
  5. Pour a small amount of paint onto your craft mat or paper plate, load your stencil brush with some paint and then apply paint to your stencil. Remove the stencil.
  6. Stencil as much or little as you want
  7. Determine how much ribbon you will need to wrap it along the grooves of your block with enough left over to tie a bow. Cut the ribbon.
  8. Take the super tacky tape and run it along the grooves (sides) of your block wherever your ribbon is going to be. Remember to burnish the end of the tape before you try to separate it from the bottom.
  9. Find the middle of your piece of ribbon so you know where the bottom-centre will be and then run your ribbon along the tape. Press ribbon into tape.  Tie your bow.
  10. Add other adornments, embellishments, flora, fauna, whatever.  Seasonal foliage, pinecones, snowmen, etc., are some ideas. 


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